By BernardYoung

Forever 21

I remember being on the school bus
and hearing someone talk about their cousin
being twenty one.


That sounded ancient.
I couldn't imagine life being worth living
once you were that old.

In those days I hated having my hair cut.
(Now I find it so soothing. I'm feeling dreamy
just thinking about it).

You couldn't make an appointment at the barber's.
You joined the queue and sat among the football chat
and the "something for the weekend, sir?" talk.

The place seemed to be full of old men.

My weekend treat was a bite to eat - fish and chips
and a can of coke. I cycled down to the village shop
and got fish and chips for the family.


That seems so young. I wouldn't want to go there again

Would you?.

R U Acting Your Age?

My Generation

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