Three Trophy Tilsed

What an exciting day for Leo! He had a great round of golf this morning, getting a par on a hole for only the second time ever. Then this evening it was Presentation Day at the Footie Club. It was a lovely sunny and breezy evening so perfect for all the kicking and bouncing around they did.

Leo was extra happy as he won the Manager's Player of the Year award for his Cobras team which meant he came away with three trophies. One. Is his team trophy, one is his manager's trophy to keep, and the cup is the Manager's trophy with his name engraved on the plate that he will keep for a year and then hand back. It was a lovely surprise and he was so pleased!

I think he could have stayed kicking and bouncing around all evening but we finally persuaded him home - especially as he was a bit tired after sleep walking himself into our bed last night. It was so funny, he flung the door open and almost dived into bed. He mumbled something unintelligible and before I had even finished saying, 'come on Leo back to bed' , he had wrapped his arms around my neck then promptly fell into a deep sleep and started snoring! So we had a rubbish sleep with a squirming Leo in the bed. Leo then woke up all confused in the morning and asked 'how did I get here?' Let's hope all the excitement and activity wipes him out for the night and there are no more wanderings.

And oops, as I watch this Ronaldo has missed a penalty and has also just had a goal disallowed- Leo is a bit fan so won't like to hear that in the morning!

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