The Nikon D700 reminded me yesterday that, despite its size and weight, it is an excellent camera, and is my favourite, even if other newer cameras are supposedly better. 1427 shots taken yesterday with the standard battery... and there's still over a third of the charge left. Very impressive. And those shots were all fairly large (14-bit RAW files), so would use more power saving them to the card(s). Didn't use flash at all, or need to have the lens's optical stabilisation (VR vibration reduction) switched on, so saved power there. But the 70-200 f/2.8 lens did a lot of work tracking the running and walking subjects for the majority of the session. A great combination. Very few missed focus shots, in the bright sunlight. Any that were missed, were due to operator error, not the equipment!

Only took a "mere" 211 shots with the other camera and lens... thankfully. Will be tied up with editing all those files for the best part of a week from now! Back-Blipping mode sometime after sorting them all out.

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