Nat - Backside Tailslide...

...over the one side and into the bank.

Headed over to Rugeley as Nat wanted an old gear blow out on the rough rough ground of the diy spot, and to see it for the first time since Rich had built this ghetto quarter. I got the chance to have a good do with my fisheye on the K-5, which was nice. Without inspiration its quite hard to force yourself to use the thing and lose everything you are looking at in its sheer all-encompassing field of view. Fortunately this backside tailslide provided plenty of inspiration, as did Al's nosegrind pop in, which will go up here shortly.

I have also learnt that Picasa is no match for Pentax's own software when editing RAW files, but then again, that shouldn't be surprising should it? It was really able to make these colours pop, whereas in Picasa everything just looks a bit flat, and I think you just end up overcompensating and ruining things a little.

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