Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.

This was the beautiful bouquet of flowers that my collegues gave to me this afternoon, along with a wrought iron candlestick and some tar candles. I LOVE tar, what a great smell. Good choice!

There were four ladies leaving today, and we were presented with the same lovely flowers and presents, and our collegues sang a specially written song for us - directed by the music teacher Sybille. How lovely is that?

Out current boss thanked us in general terms, and our former boss thanked us in specific terms - and brought a tear to each eye... Which is all part and parcel of the "thank you for all the fish and goodbye" ceremony.

Then we went out for the traditional pre-summer holiday meal. What nice people I've worked with! I feel absolutely ready to go, and to move onto something else, but there's no doubt I will miss working with my colleagues.

I wish everyone well in the new location, and hope to turn up to say hello once they are settled in. Tomorrow I meet my accountant/advisor together with Ann, my Art colleague. She has already handed in her keys, computer and mobile phone. I have mine as yet, because I have a few little jobs to do first! You can see the keys in the corner there....

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