One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Make Bray while the sun shines...

... for the chances of rain, they are pretty shaggin high.

We did the usual seaside resort in summer thing.
Said no to ice creams.
Said no to fish and chips.
Said no to bouncy castles.

Gave in on two out of three.

Let the kid run loose on the promenade.
Mimi fell. She always falls on the promenade in Bray. Her own personal Bermuda triangle, it is.
There was much tears and screams. Mrs Raheny and I have sort of lost our zeal for running up to her and comfort her. It's more business-as-usual as far as we are concerned. And we know that excessive decibels and waterworks mean that she is not that badly hurt.
A couple with a cute little dog got to her way before us.
We would normally get side looks, aimed at letting us know just what bad parents we are.
But these two were refreshingly non judgemental.

It was Mrs Raheny's cousin and his wife.


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