A concrete love affair

By PhotoIain

A Farewell to Europe...

The more I read on this terrible situation the more depressing it gets. Scotland wants another referendum, Europe wants us all out ASAP and some in NI have called for a vote on the border. 

It was hard to find even a single solitary compelling reason to vote Leave before the referendum, let alone now in the wake of the chaos its reaped. With Leave politians rolling back on the campaign promises already it truly is an appalling result for the UK, for our place in the world and indeed for our future outlook. 

I feel so sorry for teenagers now who might have aspirations to work or travel in Europe once they grow up. We have narrowed their world and severed their chances of having the benefits of EU-membership I, as a thirty-five year old, have so dearly appreciated. And for what gain? Non that I can perceive. 

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