Dick's Pics

By RichardDonkin

I can't recall feeling as shocked about a political outcome as I was this morning when I heard that people in my country had voted to leave the European Union. Gill felt the same and we had to get out for a walk to clear our heads. I put my thoughts in to a blog here. I can honestly say I have never felt so ashamed to be British. While I could understand people's frustration about European bureaucracy at times, it seemed to me that many of those voting to leave were registering a protest against Westminster, not realising or not caring that they were aligning themselves with ugly racists while securing the aims of UKIP. I've found the easiest way to spot a racist is to listen for the words: "I'm not a racist but...."

The picture is a large skipper making the most of opening bramble flowers. Just noticed the spit among the buds. It wasn't mine. I was spitting blood.

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