Equatorial drain

It has been raining everyday since I arrived last week. The suburban drains has been well flushed from what I can see.
This blip is a major drainage system among the housing and shop estate. Uhm. Could be better built and maintain in my opinion.
Some of the reasons pro-ported by friends:
Town planning rarely extend beyond the boundaries of the proposed estate.
Often the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.
Profit before environmental concerns.
Always blame the government for large infrastructures issues.
Locals concern are keeping their pad clean and don't look over the fence (I know this is true, uhmm).
Deliberately pocketing of project margin (finance) for oneself rather committing the whole fund to the project (Malaysia Boleh = Malaysia Can Do it (Aiyayi)

Well, these are issue we can learn not to do from these developing countries.

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