This morning we took Sammy over to the vet to get a verdict on Cone Remain vs. Cone Exit.
It came back Exit. The cone collar is off!
We are so thrilled and Sammy seems to be as well.
The best part for him was that he finally got to do something he has not been able to do for almost three weeks... clean his face after eating dinner. Woo Hoo, What a treat for the boy! No more messy face and food stuck on his collar. We tried to clean it for him but that's not the same, as I'm sure we don't do it right. :)
When the vet popped off the last remaining suture, a bit of scab came off as well which remains as a bit of a raw spot.
*Hopefully* overnight, as we sleep, Sammy will not find this area and worry it to no end.
The vet does not want to see Sammy back again tomorrow and none of us want that either.
So, this could now officially be the end of the long ordeal. fingers crossed.  

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