Brexit commentary?

I spotted this outside the building where I had my job interview today. I thought it was amusing and relevant.

The interview went well, I suppose, though I won't be taking it if they offer. It's not up my alley. I am a hard-news journalist and a copy editor. I write headlines and edit news copy. This job, though interesting, would be completely different from anything I've ever done. I'd be taking screenshots of videos that have the potential to go viral and writing a catchy (or click-bait) headline and a few sentences about it.

Just not really my thing.  It's for a TV program, one I'd never heard of. I'd be on the website side. Plus the head of the operation expressed doubt that it could even last. He said if a major network doesn't renew or pick up the TV show, they'd be kaput. And Fox recently dropped them. ABC picked them up, but if that fails, they're down to two more major networks. I know newspapers are dying, but my job right now is kind of solid.

Lastly, a photo I posted to Flickr was Explored! That means it was one of the 500 most interesting photos of the day. That's based on some number of views, favorites and comments. I had never reached Explore before. Normally I get about two or three favorites and a dozen views when I post a photo. This one so far has over 3,000 views and 90 favorites. How fun! It's a little bit of recognition of my work!

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