Whisper .......

 ......... Wednesday.
(...... possibly a contender for Wild Wednesday too as he's not too wild about the pouring rain and the fact I don't want to take him out in it!!!!)

Seems a while since I featured our naughty Mister Whisper - his latest escapade was stealing half a homemade lasagne!! 
We still love him to bits though.  :o))

I've now had two hospital and two doctor appointments - waiting for a CT scan and have a (private) appointment with a consultant next Wednesday ..... the saga continues - he wants to see me before arranging the CT.   Had I not gone private it would have been a six week wait at least!

Hope your weather, wherever you are, is better than ours!
Flaming June??  Yea, right!  More like flaming, bl**dy weather!!

~ Anni ~

A Thought for the Day:

" If you haven't grown up by the age of 60,  you don't have to "


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