fun and profit

For some reason The Organiser took £35 off each of us for the winter festive period meal. When we got there (when they finally let us in thirty minutes after the appointed time) the menu said £28.50.

There shall be Questions on Monday about the fate of the rest.

The most recent email said it would include "dinner and a tip" but for fourteen people I'm certain that a 10% service charge would usually be mandatory and included in the quoted price. Maybe the bosses meant a tip for them.

Despite the meagre portions (an ice-cream-scoopsworth of haggis, mash and turnip for starter (fifty minutes after arriving) and a handful of cabbage and an estimated 150g of lamb for the main course it was very nice as it usually is at the various Howieses though their winter festive period menu doesn't quite have the tasty-seeming intrigue of the normal menu. It was all generally quite pleasant at the non-shrieking end of the table, the background noise meant that everyone could hear everyone else and I didn't get any hassle for not drinking anything after the single pint in the pub beforehand though I did have to wait thrice as long for my coffee as everyone else waited for beers. The lighting started off even better than the pub but was dimmed shortly after we sat down so that most of the illumination was coming from the streetlights outside.

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