Welcome to Absurdistan!

By MildlyOffensive



Imagine you have a girlfriend: redhead; not quite prom queen material but pretty nonetheless; real fun if you like her kind of humour. Your relationship has never been easy (which is?), but you've always been able to work out solutions to your problems, and you've been together for quite some time now. Although it always feels as if she wasn't totally commited, you actually can't imagine a future without her. Then all of a sudden she tells you she's not sure if she wants to be with you anymore: not wealthy enough, too fond of rules, put on some weight. She has to think about it. You are not surprised, she always was complicated and self-centred, but in the end she always comes around. You don't worry too much, because you know she can't be that batshit crazy: she would harm both of you, and for her it would basically be social and economic suicide. You go to bed - the next day she's gone: ran off with the racist dickweasel from next door, who has always told you he will show you one day. Has promised her pie in the sky; fucked her in the ass; then tells her it's not that easy after all and off he goes. She's torn apart, parts of her body openly revolting. You didn't want her to go, but deep down you know, that now it's too late to go back to where you two were.

For that you are too sad, disappointed, and angry.

"It's possible that some of this could have been avoided… You know where the breakdown was?" "In your mental state?!" "In our communication!" - (American Dad!, S12xE21)

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