Great Crested Crebe and Selfie Stick Tourists

We got awoken up in the early hours by a storm and heavy rain. The lightning really reminded me of strobe lighting from discos back in the 80s, it was non-stop. When we got up it was still raining and not looking particularly promising weather wise so we decided we'd drive to Fussen and see the famous palaces of Ludwig II King of Bavaria. The weather improved as we got closer but the traffic increased and we soon saw why this is one of the top tourists spots in Germany. We've never seen so many tourists, particularly Japanese/Chinese people in one place, and they all seem to be wielding selfie sticks! We weren't impressed and headed for the pedalos on the Swan Lake so we could escape the crowds. It was a great idea as it was so quiet and quite soothing being out on the water eating our picnic lunch being chased by damsel and dragonflies. When the our time was nearly up we headed back across the lake and saw Coots with their chicks and this Great Crested Crebe. We don't have them at home so it was very exciting to not only see one but be so close to it.

After lunch we walked around the lake and then walked up to the two palaces just to look at the outside of them. The Hohenschwangau palace had lovely fountains and wasn't so crowded, but the Neuschwanstein palace, seen from the lake in my extra, was full of those selfie sticks and their owners wherever you looked or pointed a camera! I mustn't grumble as we are also tourists and we did have a very good day.

Thanks so much for the hearts and stars for yesterday's blip really appreciate it! :-)

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