Marsupium Photography

By magi

Newington Sunrise

That time of the year again when the sun shines straight into our bedroom window. Woke up to this fantastic red glow. By the time I got my camera and opened the window it was nearly over.

There seems to be a bit of a blip storm going on. I don't see a problem with posting random photos. Apart from the obvious practical issues of dating when a photo was taken, I think it is a very personal choice: I choose to blip a photo I have taken on that day. I enjoy the challenge and, yes, sometimes it is very hard and sometimes I end up with lots of potential photos. I also choose which blip journals I follow and which entries I look at, which get hearts and stars. I like local journals because I can connect via shared locations. I follow journals with nature photos (particular insects) because that's what I am into. There are journals I follow because they are friends and family. Finally, there are journals I just like. Sometimes I don't read the entries because they are too long or I am not interested. Other times I quite enjoy lengthy entries. At the end of the day I choose what I produce and what I consume. I also leave these choices to all the other blippers.

The one thing I think that makes blip special is that each entry is limited to one photo. I must admit I am not so sure about the extras although I do post them. It requires some discipline to choose a single photo. And hey, those who choose a photo from a random day have the problem of selecting from a huge pool.

In the end I hope fellow blippers are left to make their own choices within the constraints of using a single image they took.

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