The Little Engineer

We spent the morning at the B&O Train Museum in Baltimore.  It was my first visit and I know for sure I will have to go back a few more times to absorb all the history.  Since we were on the kid’s schedule and at the mercy of their attention spans, I spent most of my time just looking around and taking photos, without any real opportunity to read or identify what I was viewing. 

As I was walking around one of the biggest steam engines one could ever imagine, this cute little boy stuck his head out the window and just beamed at me while I took his picture.  You can see how very high he was.  I wanted to capture the size of the engine but, of course, I set out without the proper lens for that.  I had intended to concentrate only on selective focus 35 and 50 mm shots, which presents its own challenges.  If you are interested in seeing some other shots of the day from this museum, they are on FLICKR.

After lunch, we went to the Maryland Science Center which is a hands-on science museum for children and a favorite of our grandchildren.... Another exhausting but fun day.  I will need a vacation after this. 

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