This is my 1000th blip and the only 1000 I can think of tonight are the things I have to do before Monday.

And I am never much good at anniversary blips, as I was complaining to Mr isbi.
So he suggested I accompany him on a visit to Margaret who, amongst many other things, looks after native animals in need. He said I would find something to photograph there.

She thought I would like to do the kangaroos when they came in for their evening feed in the garden, but in the corner of her lounge room I spotted this joey. 
She has had her for about 7 weeks, since her mother was killed by a passing car. 
She is about 8 months old, but they stay in (and out of) their mother's pouch for about 9 months. As bad as being pregnant I thought.
So she has her own little makeshift pouch for a few more weeks yet.

I must add that last night Margaret was award the highest Rotary award, a Paul Harris Fellowship, in recognition of her long and devoted service to the local community in many areas.

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