Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

B&W hoodied lad

Went for a run this morning, in search of some waking-up energy, having had a mildly-disturbed night from being on-call. It was GRATE! I'd hardly been running at all since returning to karate-do, due to wanting to spend any bit of time I have for physical pursuits, on that study of karate-do. That was compounded by my knee/leg being most difficult in different ways since the beginning of the year.Happily, everything - fitness, pace, leg, EVERYTHING, was excellent. I was so pleased, and it felt brilliant.

Later in the morning, I nabbed my lad:

Better; Flickr.

I deleted the RAW file after cropping mildly in-camera, and deciding it was fine as it was. Then I decided to try B&W... all good with a more-mild B&W, but this processing gave really blown highlights. Then again, it might have done so even with the RAW - and I like it better than the less-contrasty one anyway.

Later, just before an excellent training session, I had another quick go at getting a decent selfie in my nice karate-gi and kurobi (black belt). I quite like this one, in the extras.

And bettr on Flickr.

DA35/2.4;K30. Tonality for the B&W.

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