A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

The morning after...

...the night before.

Excellent news to hear Wales have progressed in the Euros. I missed it as I was attending an event in Villandry, France. Since I posted yesterday I have added some extras from the evening if you didn't catch them already.

My thumbnail hints at the football but even though it is at a well know burger joint it's not about the football. This was taken in Albert on the Somme. Yesterday's 100th anniversary was based all around Albert and the town has been getting ready for some time.

When I was there in early June I saw the staff put these flags up. The whole town has decked itself with the Commonwealth flags. As I passed through the area I could see events still going on. Every day will be an anniversary of a major battle along the front. I will be returning in October to pay homage to my Great Grandfather's part in the offensive.

After my woes in June with the Shuttle delays and broken car I'm pleased to tell you my passage through passports control was much better this time. My car behaved too. I arrived 2 1/2 hrs early and was offered an early train (1hr early). It's a shame the train wasn't as reliable. One broke down and caused a major backlog. My train ended up 50 mins late but at least I left 10 mins before I had booked.

I will be hosting Mono Monday during July. This monday, the 4th July, will have the theme 'FREE' to link with Independence Day. Please interpret this any way you wish. It could be Freedom, Freestyle, Freecycle or just something free. Lots of different options, I trust you'll come up with something. MM128 will be the tag. Spread the word!

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