Gina tours Canada

By gkw4

Steinbach Mennonite Museum

Hectic day but fun. Started rather slowly like every good Sunday by listening to the archers omnibus. Got read to head off on my adventure but then the car wouldn't start. Not just the usual dead battery noise but a completely flat battery, so the car made no noise at all. Lucky Kenny came to the rescue and I was able to get away.

I headed to Steinbach which should be around a 2 hr drive but didn't trust my instincts and got pretty lost so it ended up taken 3 hours- woops.

When I finally got there it was a pretty interesting, looked around their historic buildings. It was quite similar to lots of UK museums and nothing too special. The Mennonites came from Russia, Poland and Germany driven out by persecution for their religion and settled in small villages in Manitoba. After looking around I grabbed a McDonald's and drove back, didn't get lost this time.
Highlights included: a broken car, Mennonites, wild flowers, driving to the lake and bonnets.

The picture is of the beautiful vegetable garden at the museum.

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