Farm Corisberg

The homestead is already mentioned in the year 1371.
The farm is picturesquely situated on the slopes of the valley of the Caumerbeek. On the southwest corner of the farm is the 17th century L-shaped living area. The ground floor was built of Kunradersteen and floor in brick and corner blocks of marl.
In the 17th century, the rest of the south façade was redone using marl. The inscription from 1768 in the gable of the house reflects a rebuilding of that year.
Under the living area is a basement with an elliptical arch. This is the oldest part of the farm. The brick wall on the east side dates from the first quarter of the 19th century. The house, like mentions the year, from 1780.
The farm is now owned by foundation “De Seizoenen”. Adults with intellectual disabilities find in and around the impressive farm a safe, familiar environment and meaningful work. The daily work on the homestead consists of agricultural work with animals, on land, in the garden and in the yard. The bakery and biological store delivers products to customers who come to enjoy the hospitality and warm atmosphere of this community. Besides the farm four houses were built for a small group of people. The houses are made of natural materials: wood for the facades and window frames. The roof has an extensive grass roof. As a result the homes fit nicely into valuable Limburg countryside.
The “Caumerbeek” is a creek and its source is at the former mill “Bovenste Caumer” (about 500m from the cache). This creek with a length of 11 kilometers flows largely through the urban area of the municipality of Heerlen. The stream is normalized and largely overvaulted (approximately 6.5 kilometers). The creek has its estuary in the ”Geleenbeek” near the castle at Hoensbroek.

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