C21st Gododdin

By rjevans6

Sign of the times

Nigel Farage found the fire exit, after his attempted arson in the European Parliament last week. He wants his life back? He's such a pathological narcissist, he probably genuinely believes the peace of mind of 3 million EU citizens (plus that of partners, offspring, friends and family) is a price worth paying for his. And a massive boo-hiss to the Home Office, though I'm almost tempted to smell a Treasury rat behind it, as 3 million times a couple of grand would be a nice little windfall (assuming everybody affected actually wanted to stay that much and could bring themselves to cram for the Brain of England* Britain general knowledge test). The imminent break is much needed ...

* - we tried it at Hogmanay (3 couples - 2 Scots, 2 EU27 residents of more than 15 years, 1 Canadian-Brit, and me) - and found it very Anglo-centric

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