Tracking Oliver

A trip to the surgery first thing, for my annual blood check-up and for two injections for meningitis, which I have to have because I am a Coeliac, I ended up with three needle pricks and I have to go back in a month for the second part for one of them.
Then we went in to Cambridge, we visited the Sedgwick museum and then had lunch in the University Centre, before my husband went to a workshop at the Apple shop. I went shopping, but did not purchase anything. Today’s picture shows my iPhone, with Cambridge shoppers in the background, as I tracked Oliver for some of the way from Luton airport to Basel airport near the French/Swiss border. He then had a four-hour car journey and is somewhere in the mountains. He has gone to Switzerland for the week, with another employee to work on some equipment.
We were late home from Cambridge, due to my husband’s visit to the Apple shop. During the evening while Dougal and Florence were sitting on my lap, Florence suddenly spun round and sank her teeth into my left-hand. It has been treated using our first aid kit, but it is possible that I will need to visit the surgery in the morning if it becomes infected.


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