Dick's Pics

By RichardDonkin

Purple Hairstreak

This was a first for us but we found them so late in the day, the light was low and harsh. The problem with the purple hairstreak is that it spends much of its life in the tops of oak trees. One way to get closer is to find a low lying oak and one place where there are many such trees is Browndown on the edge of the Solent. The stunted oaks that grow near the sea are good places to look for hairstreaks. Another problem is that the land is used by the military and today it was closed to the public until 7 pm. I'll have to go back when the light is better.

Another bonus, though not for a photograph, was spending time watching and listening to turtle doves before exploring the downs south of Salisbury.

The extras include a dark green fritillary and a small skipper. The other is the purple hairstreak with wings closed. 

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