Stay On The Sunny Side Of The Street .

I slept until gone 10am today and still woke exhausted . Fumbled around getting ready and off to meet a friend at the Ice Cafe ..We had ice , coffee , tea ( well she did ) and then went slowly down to get my crutches fixed ..From there the UBahn where she had to go one way and I the other .My camera has had to go in to be seen to . Hence am using an older one . Then began a hunt for a special holder which can hold my bus pass  ..Talk about needle in a hay stack .To keep taking a rucksack off with transport doesn't work with crutches .. Have ended up with a make do thing but it helps a little. Staggered home and utterly whacked . At the bus stop in the Kant Straße this Asian gentleman was making very unusual music on what looked like a cooking device. The sound was rather relaxing , hypnotic and certainly different .What ever it was I liked it .

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