"The Kelpies are here!" she exclaimed, excitedly.
"Kelpies? Whit dae ya mean, the Kelpies are here?"
"The Kelpies... they're here! They're unloading them from the lorry."
"But... they're enormous?"
"No, no. It's the wee ones."
And so they are... here. On the Inverness Campus. For the next three weeks. Must be taking the Trades Holidays to visit us. The wee ones, or "Mini Kelpies", aren't wee, they're big. But not enormous, like the "real" ones, by Falkirk. Still impressive. And they look good here... to me.

The press were about. I had a blether with a photographer for the Daily Record, that was sporting his pass for the nearby Open Golf competition. HIE seem to have organised the Kelpie visit, and are also running a "take a Selfie with a Kelpie" competition... as if folk needed any encouragement. So there'll be a load of selfie indulgence, for a few weeks. It started almost immediately.

A Jack Russel on a lead was eyeing them up too. But he'd other intentions...

(A load of extras added.)

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