The Mammal's Perspective

By Esper


A rather mixed tour of Japan for Katja, Calvin and Jason today. First we went to Nara, a standard tourist destination to see Japan's largest statue of Buddha in Todaiji. I am still slim enough to pass through his nostril and achieve enlightenment. We then walked up to Kasugataicha, all the while marvelling at the deer and lanterns. After a ramen lunch near Nara Station, we took the train back to Namba and then I took the boys up Tsutenkaku Tower. 

Trying to find a Tanimachi Line station I managed to get a bit lost and we ended up walking through the red light district. Honestly, it was an accident but the scenery was quite pleasing. Eventually a very kind Japanese lady walked us ten minutes to the nearest Tanimachi Line station, in completely the opposite direction in which she had been walking before she stopped to help us.

I love Japan.

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