The Baby Birds

are back and came at dinnertime. They like to share my soup. Funnily enough they aren't crazy about soup when at home but they really like Granny's soup in hospital. They both wanted the first spoon. I said they would get some if they chose the other person to go first. Esme was the first to say Cian can go first. Nice to see son and his entourage.
Daughter in law felt really sick when they came here. I had to break the rules and get her to lie down on my bed. Could have been due to a slight overindulgence on the enormous taster menu at Kitchin yesterday.
A good school friend visited me earlier after a very complicated journey due to a rail strike in Glasgow. Nice to see you PA

My daughter and her friend are having a whale of a time wading in mud at T in the park. I have to say it's exceptionally kind of her husband to let her go and leave him and his mother with the two kids.

The valiant Mr AF was here as ever. Xxxxx

There will be an end to this. I will get out and I hope to be better. I just have to stick it out.

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