Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Ab ovo usque ad uvas?

I was sure the quotation that slid sideways into my mind as I saw these berries mentioned eggs and grapes, though all I can find at the moment has "mala" (apples) at the end of the sentence. Never mind. I think these amazing fruits on this bush in the Chilean garden on the hillside in Benmore look at once like purple speckled eggs and an exotic bunch of grapes, and if my rusty Latin has let me down I shall rely on some erudite commentator to tell me so.

I'm sure this is the bush that had wonderfully scented white flowers all over it in another life - the life I was leading Before The Builders - and now there are only a few flowers left (you can see one to the left of the fruits). The purple bunches have no scent at all, but they're very striking when you come upon them in all their abundance.

And yes: we had over an hour away from the dust and the plaster this afternoon. It was like being freed from prison ...

* Horace used the sentence "Ab ovo usque ad mala" to mean from beginning to end of a meal, which would begin with eggs and end with fruit. But of course you knew that.

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