There were a lot of moments being captured today, mostly on phones, and it's wonderful that they can be caught so easily and then shared so widely. A private event becomes a very public event. It's hard for me to post formal shots, of which I do have some quite good ones of the family, but I prefer this for the journal. 

There were so many beautiful and talented young people around, all with their very proud parents in attendance. Roam graduated with a 2.1 in his TV Production degree and I felt a very proud dad, just as his mum, taking the photo here, was too. He's been on quite a journey to arrive at this point and it's been the making of him.

The congregation filled the Royal Festival Hall and although the whole ceremony took more than three hours, the time went surprisingly quickly. That was certainly helped by a couple of very fine speeches from Jon Snow and Sandi Toksvig, who were receiving honorary degrees. They were both full of wisdom and great humour, and quite rebellious with it. I hope the students were as inspired by their words as I was!

My mum came up for the occasion and it was great to see her looking as well as ever. I kid you not, every time I see her she seems to look younger! When we had to leave, a little late, to take her to her train, she was moving more sprightly than any of us! She kindly allowed me to add her face to my collection today. Thank you Mum. You're a star!

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