By wellsforzoe

400 villagers with clean, safe water today

12th July 2016:

For our workers it is always a great day when they give bring clean water to a village. Today it was the village of Makula where Andrea Moyo is the GVH (Group Village Headman). The area is Ngongo, where wells are regularly difficult to dig because of rock.
Here the depth was 3.4 meters and has 2.9 meters of water.
Even though the farthest household is over 1 km away, it certainly beats taking dirty water from an open pit.
The nearest preschool is over 1 hour to walk while the secondary school would take 4 hours .
Over 400 people are very happy. Of course the message hadn't spread by the time of the installation! or they might have all arrives with their buckets.

Contact: Mgota Fishani: 0993553634

Donor: Geraldine Murphy, Lucan, Co Dublin, Ireland

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