By wellsforzoe

Excellent Student

9th July 2016:
This is Elisa Mkandawire.
Elisa's parents divorced. Her mother is minding her own mother who has a mental illness. Because her father is an alcoholic or a drunk as they call it, he lives with his mother. The gogos on her fathers side are the ones taking care of Elisa's father and his brother and the four children. In total there are 8 living in this house.
But this gogo is old and says the food she has, ends after harvesting time.
When she heard Wells for Zoe were paying fees for her grandaughter
she danced and sang a song loudly with happiness.
She has a roofed house, the sitting room is plastered and floored. She did this through selling part of her land. This is because the City Assembly passed a law that said if you have a large amount of land you must sell some of it or they will take it.
Elisa is 16 and in Form 1.
In Term 1 she got 29 place in her class of 49, but in Term 2 she had jumped to position 9 out of 54.

Term 1 marks:
Chemistry 18%
Agr 45%
BK 58%
Biology 40%
Chichewa 33%
English 69%
Geography 44%
History 39%
Life 31%
Maths 12%
Physics 28%
Social 48%

Term 2
Bible Knowledge:72%

She walks 15 minutes to Lupaso Primary School and has full attendance at Saturday school despite rain, lack or transport or whatever.
She is a truly amazing young woman and if there is anyone out there to pay to support her in school next year, it only costs 180 Euro to cover all her needs.

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