Dick's Pics

By RichardDonkin

Chalk Hill

The first of the Chalk Hill Blues are emerging on Denbies Hillside near Dorking. I saw just two or three on this visit, including one that's wings were still opening. The heat is starting to bring them out. In a few days time there will be hundreds, a few days after that, thousands, all being well.

The Chalk Hill Blue, more than any other, I think, was the one that drew me in to what's become a bit of a macro hobby with a mission attached - to photograph as many British butterfly species as I can find. There're still a few to go, thankfully.

I'm having to watch out though since have seen a few of these chaps lately, or chapess in this case.

Packing again, quite excited about this trip, keen to try out a secret weapon on the fish.

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