Market Town Life

By ClarityEye


Day 2 by the sea. Run was hot and muggy so I only felt up to 5k. Nice views from the harbour walls as you can see. Checked out the Royal Harbourside Brasserie while I was at it. All day breakfasts, a catch of the day and seats outside directly over the water's edge. Perfect for a meal out if I can drag the man away from all this shouty loud music!
Lunch on our balcony and later a most delicious mocha and cake in one of the street side cafes. The town is a bit run down, but with a bit of investment, seems there is potential here. Our flat is above the Belgian cafe and Peter's fish factory, both doing a roaring trade all day. It seems very white and British though, not as diverse as MK.
In the evening I eventually dragged myself away from the balcony view to join the hip people, Darren Haymen and the smell of sweat and beer!

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