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By kendallishere

A funny thing...

...happened on the way to the theatre. My image has nothing to do with the play we saw, as photographs were not allowed inside the Wieden and Kennedy Atrium Theater.

We were stunned by the power and artistry of Hands Up. If you have five minutes, please see the link and watch the video from a New York production of the play which is, in the words of Director Kevin Jones, “a series of seven monologues written by six black men and one black woman, a reflection of diverse reactions that emerged in the black community post-Ferguson. Yes, they are stories of pain but more profoundly, they are stories of remarkable resilience.” Honestly I felt the acting in the Portland production was far more nuanced and effective than the examples in the video on the link.

The skillful writing, acting, and direction left us deeply moved and re-committed to eradicating white supremacy and racism. 

However when it comes to life-size blow-up dolls, we make no judgments. Whatever works for you, fella. 

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