Windfarms protest

The decision has been made to put the hub for the power generated by the windfarms, at Cefn Coch a tiny little village in Powys. So no problem then except the pylons bringing the power will tramp across the countryside for miles around undermining the areas number one industry, tourism. But that cannot be proved because very little research, which isn't biased has been carried out by independent research organisations. Has it? And on track record Wind farmso have only ever generated 30% of forecast . Anyway 400 souls from this scarcely occupied area showed empathy for the village and turned out and managed to make National news on both BBC and ITV. What David Cameron has admitted is that onshore wind will add 25% to all our electricity bills. KPMG have said it will cost another £46 billion. But am I bitter? I think we should all be. So who benefits? Rich landowners, operators and those who receive outrageous subsidies. Tell me I am wrong somebody!

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