The phantom can opener strikes again

My lunchtime walk took me back to my colour exercise. Nothing gelled.

I watched a bit of the demolition of the Christchurch Hospital car park but I'm feeling a bit over demolitions. I noticed this cut in a iron fence. It doesn't fulfill my self imposed colour exercise brief but I found it quirky ;-)

Walking around the area where I work I'm surprised by the number of short cuts. Most exist because of missing buildings and the ease with which you can move across stone covered empty sections making a killing as temporary parking areas.

It reminded me of when I was a university student in Auckland. I developed a route that took me from up town to down town where Mum was a partner in an art gallery, without using Queen St.

I had a system of alleys, small streets, a wall I vaulted to a level below, a few dodgy short cuts, until I eventually emerged opposite the Downtown Shopping centre. It was another world and I loved it.

I'm chasing my tail a wee bit tonight so that's me over and out.

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