Mono Monday...Communication

5 faces of communication (clockwise from the top left).

1. 2 friends actually talking...talking face to face. FORGET THE PHONES...FORGET THE TEXTS...LET'S MEET AT THE RIVER. Refreshing.

2. A photographer and her model (senior pictures.) It was interesting to hear the dialogue. "Lower your chin just a bit, and raise your left shoulder. YES! YES! YES!"

3. A young mother taking a picture of her toddler. The problem? When she wasn't taking pictures, she was checking her messages...and her baby was running free in a potentially dangerous place.

4. 3 young men playing Pokémon Go. I tried to interpret their discussion, and failed...miserably.

5. I saved the best for last. The BEST communicator of the bunch. Mama Duck doesn't have to "talk", and she doesn't have to "honk." She just has to move, and her babies follow. She silently commands... "Time to get back in the water, kids. Let's go." 

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