In the end, Matt took me to the shore. He didn't say anything for a while, then nodded towards some guys fishing off the beach. "See them?" I nodded. "Well, those guys are fishing and if they're lucky enough to catch anything, they'll eat it. But if they don't catch anything, they'll still eat." I nodded, unsure where he was going. "Now, see Mr Gull there?" He tilted his head towards a bird swooping low over the waves. I nodded again. "We-ell" - he stretched the word into two syllables - "he's fishing too, same as them, but if he don't catch anything, he don't eat. And it seems to me that, you, you are just fishing for fun and, me, I'm like Mr Gull. We're partners in this en-ter-prise" - he gave each syllable an equal weight - " and you provide the money, but I'm the one who's not going to eat if it don't work out. Do you get me?"

I thought about it and nodded.

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