By TrishaR


First thing Doc appt which was told after some blood tests that my cholesterol is too high.... Need to reduce it through diet.

Home to make the pack lunch for the journey to Coylumbridge with the boys . This is our third summer here at the Hilton which is a hotel for families. If you want a romantic weekend away this is not the place to come!!

Unpacked and off down the tracks to Loch an Eilien. It's a s beautiful as ever. Back in time for tea then it was a game of Labrynth in the foyer which Ben won! There was a singer in the Foyer and Ben asked me if he would play Gangman Style, his favourite song. Go and ask him I said as he might, you never know , me knowing full well that no other person could sing in Korean apart from a Korean. Ben walked up to the singer and he bent down to Ben's level as Ben asked him to play it. The man looked at Ben and said no, don't be silly how can I play that and shook his head. I was in kinks laughing:).

The temp is very hot and heard thunder in the distance. To be a cracker of a day tomorrow.

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