I'm Glad, I spent it with you...

When we left the house this morning, it was quite early, early enough for me to take the long road to work, and stop off and smell the roses, and look at the sea, and watch the seals, already snoozing, nose up in the early morning heat. 

Work passed, in a blur as always.  We were oblivious to the heat, air conditioning blowing away, keeping us cool as ice cubes, and drying my sore eyes out.   

Stepping out into the heat, I was kinda sorry we had booked tickets for the cinema... but it was cheap night, and we got them half price thanks to the meerkats. 

We dropped the car off, and headed up, and back into the cool chill of more air con. and giggled at the daftness that was Ab Fab.   It was not brain taxing in the slightest, and mostly was two ladies, who didn't need to making a "film" just for the fun of it. 

Came out, still warm, headed to the car, and drove home, Jo Wiley on the Radio, windows down, and we drove straight to the Chippie, grabbed a bag of chips and a can of vimto and headed to the harbour.  

It really doesn't get better than this.  Heat, sunsets, chips, boats, Himself, beard, love :-) 

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