Alnwick Garden

We drove home from Cheshire in good time to join an outing organised by my home camera club to Alnwick Garden. They'd arranged to open the Garden especially just for us from 7 to 10pm; the weather was just perfect, unlike on our last planned club outing, to North Shields Fish Quay, which was called off due to fog on the Tyne!

Choosing a blip was a tad tricky. The main blip here was taken as the sun was filtering through a tunnel of foliage; I experimented with a slow shutter and zoomed the lens during the shot. I think it's a bit like a section of a Dr Who intro sequence.

The first extra is a reflector pool where the water runs continuously down the central hole; it reminded us slightly of the (massively larger) Ground Zero Memorial in New York.

The second extra shows the tips of the spurting fountains as the sun was setting. We like the mysterious shapes which the camera captured.

(Please view them large for best effect.)

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