By Alberta

Bye Bye Burnham and Bradley

Well Hitcham to be precise as that is where this church is. It is the church in which we got married .. and there were a few hiccups in that doorway.. me hearing that the best man (or was it my husband?) had forgotten the ring.. that the organ had broken down (in fact it had just not been plugged in), that my Mum was having a nose bleed... and despite all that it was a wonderful day.. Found it hard to decide which pic to use.. here is another Anyway this is my last day in Burnham for a while as I fly to France tomorrow so watch out for rolling fields and sunflowers .. and back to my husband there and hopefully my stepdaughter, her husband and their little boy .. we overlap for just one day.. so it seemed appropriate to blip this photo of a place that is very special for us here in England.. I am looking forward very much to being in France with everyone... just hoping that I can get across London OK with the Olympics

And speaking of Olympics what a day. I have not taken much interest in the rowing but caught sight of the build up to the women's race.. just fantastic . and their words of encouragement for anyone thinking of taking up sport.. just do it!! Anyone can do it.. As one of the rowers - was it Heather Stanning or Helen Glover? only took up the sport 4 years ago..

And then the men's time trial.. Bradley Wiggins made it look so easy.. our roads are going to be flooded with cyclists... they are already so it will be even more so... (I thought the thrones for the winners were a bit naff and I rather think that Bradley thought so too!!) So a great day for all athletes.. Au revoir...

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