Just 4 photos of South Eastern Oregon...

Upper Left - Rocky Hillsides everywhere
Lower Left - Sagebrush everywhere
Upper Right - Part of a very old corral
Lower Right - A pond that no longer exist

Weird day at work.. A little overnight stuff, a break and then foot to the floor and get to California for the morning. 

Something about this area.. The fuel in the big town of 2700 people was 30 cents per gallon cheaper than the last stop for 96 miles.. What catches many off guard is those last pumps are not on 24/7 either.. A skinny road where the left steer tire rides the yellow line for a good 20 miles, sheer 20-50 foot drop offs with no guardrail, but beauty everywhere..and..

While looking at the photos I had taken today I saw the moon rise so had to add a photo. I was just trying to take a quick photo but in auto mode it kept choosing 2500-4000 ISO... which really brightened up the moon losing its orangeness..Soooo.......   Manual mode it was then..

Should be an easy day tomorrow... Just depending on if we can find enough trailers for the customer... 

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