Lovely Old House, Rubbish New Lamppost

The hottest day of the year so far.  Got to work this morning at 7, a colleague had opened both windows for us and set a fan to running to get some air movement and it was still 26°C.  And it stayed there until about 10 and then it started to climb.

No breeze from outside, nothing and so we cooked.

At lunchtime we met a chap who works in another building - he was complaining that where he works, it was too cold.  I think we should invite him to meetings with us every afternoon for the next 2 weeks.

A lovely thing happened in the middle of the afternoon.  The team thats shares a floor with us got a visit from an external company.  The chap arrived with several boxes of ice-lollies and handed them out to everyone.  You had to be quick with them though, they don't last in the heat.

If I had Photoshop, I would have attempted to crop out the stupid lamppost, but I don't.  And my photography skills do not rock.

Go large and enjoy the details - I did.

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