Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

As we move ever-closer to the start of the Alternative Olympic Games (AOG2016), the athletes are in a full fervor of training.  Unfortunately, some of the members of Team Ode have been observed...eating their competitors.  I hesitate to bring it up, but those of you who are training Odes (damsels and dragons) for the upcoming games need to be alert for this unsporting behavior.  I've had to put Team Ode on notice after finding this Tule Bluet eating a competitor!

And speaking of putting athletes on notice, the Team Longhorn Beetle, specifically those rascally red milkweed beetles, had to be scolded this morning too.  You'll understand the problem when you see the photo - pollen-snogging is limited to two contestants at a time!  Keep your eyes open, people.

On the other hand, Team Bumble was in fine fettle, with team members doing their morning calisthenics while, nearby, Team Spreadwing (part of Team Ode) did some tai chi.  The Cabbage Whites, were busy working on their singles pollen-snogging routine.

Meanwhile, back at the Bistro, the Titmice have joined the finches in asking that the chippies be disbarred from the games altogether - seems that the chippies are stealing all the food from the Bistro.  I'll be having a little chat with their captain!

In case you're wondering... I was out early this morning for a walk along a lake about 20 minutes from here - lots of odes and insects, which gave me plenty of AOG material for the day.  Home by 11 when the temps had risen to an uncomfortable  a hellish level.  Meeting my naturalist group tomorrow for a walk - going to be hot then too, so not sure how long I'll last.  Dog days of summer...

Thanks for stopping by.

And completely unrelated to the AOG, check out today's Extra for the 13-day old bluebirds!

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