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By creativelenna

What a difference a day makes . . .

The top right photo of our lanai was taken this morning before it got taken apart. That's our contractor who re-did our kitchen 2 years ago, with the man he hired to be in charge of the demolition. The photo on the left side and the bottom right were taken this afternoon -wow! The old roof, screens, frame and door that was difficult to open & shut are now gone. They got started on removing the floor too, but a deluge of rain made them stop work until tomorrow.

Originally there was a patio here long before the lanai (screened porch) was built by previous owners. The porch floor was never great structurally & it was covered with indoor-outdoor carpeting, which would often get wet when it would rain -yuck! Sometimes the porch door would stick quite a bit, basically because the entire structure was not quite right. Since we would like to spend more time bug-free out on our lanai, enjoying the river view, we bit the bullet and decided to do the lanai over. The porch that was built over the old patio was not built to code and there were no permits taken out/plans approved back then. So, we get to have a "do-over" -done right, with our contractor who we know and trust! We still love our kitchen :0)

This time, the noise & dust are OUTSIDE and we did not have to set up a secondary kitchen in the garage! When this new space is complete in perhaps 5 or 6 weeks, we will have a beautiful new space. The porch roof will be a foot taller (same as our indoor ceilings) and because of that we can have 2 ceiling fans to keep the space cooler. Another difference: beautiful tile floors that look like planks of wood will be laid down! It won't matter if the rain comes in. The door will be moved to the short side near the small bottlebrush tree. The steps and landing will be near the pergola (this keeps the steps within code) and will look nice. 

Did I mention, new furniture too? All the old stuff trucked here from Connecticut 7 years ago has already been given away. A new round dining table & chairs for coffee klatches, drinks & meals, plus an indoor-outdoor couch, tables & chairs is already here in the garage waiting for the new lanai! 
I will update you with photos now & then through the process, please send positive thoughts for a smooth sailing for us! 

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