The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker


As if it never existed, the machine was built in 1966, as an 8 brick moulding machine, it was installed at Rudgwick in 1997 and was always called the "New" machine, as the original machine was much older.
It was converted to 7 brick moulding machine due to the existing dryers would not take 8 bricks wide, a big mistake, if we had that one brick more we would never have struggled to make our totals every week, it would have been 14% more output, but it was never to be and so we morn it's passing.
I do hope the Chinese melt it down into something useful.

The water in the pit is around 4 foot deep and it's being pumped out and will take a day or so before the rest of the scrap metal can be retrieved.

My old 5D will find a new home tomorrow as the guy is coming to pick it up at 2:00pm, it's going to a good home I hope.

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