Aperture on Life

By SheenaghMclaren


So much for my intentions to keep up the blips! The days are long and so much going on that the photos are there but I can't get them onto the computer.  I don't do phone bliping, in fact I use a phone to make and receive calls, take the occasional photo and to keep in contact with dispersive family and friends with Whatsapp. 

On the spur of the moment, I took off with a friend to the coast.  We walked down the Billy Line on Hayling Island. The old railway track that ran the length of the island has been transformed into a wonderful walking and cycle route that hugs the coast. 
It was so beautifully warm. The verges are covered in wild flowers, which in turn are covered in butterflies and other insects and the dogs can swim to their hearts content in the sea.  I'd have been in as well had I taken a costume. 

I was expecting more people around but we met only a few ramblers. We didn't go as far as we'd have liked but had decided to drive down to have a meal at the Ferryman Inn. Lapping up the sunshine, watching the boats and the trippers on the sand, and sated with delicious food it was all too soon that I realised the time and we headed home. 

Now can somebody explain how I could go an entire day believing that it was a Thursday.. despite regular Friday events and conversations that should have clicked something in my brain.  It was only when I rang into work to say I was back and would be in on time that the voice on the other end told me that I was welcome to go in if I wanted but, she was off to her parents!  
Oh well, visit cut short for stupidity, I might go back to the shore tomorrow!

I found this little Seahorse on the beach.  An unusual find.  The poor little creature was long dead, dried in the sun and lay on a salad of seaweed. For me it was a fascinating find and strangely happy one.  Proof that Seahorses are alive and kicking in the south coast seas.

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